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Artist Statement

In my work, I often deal with themes of spirituality, mental health, queer identity, decolonization, and the broken relationship humans have with nature. I grew up in Serbia (formerly Yugoslavia), which was a secular society at the time I was born. But, with the beginning of the Yugoslavian conflict in the 1990s, there was a new rise of religion in the region. So for me, religion and violence were always tightly intertwined. I am not interested in critiquing any particular religion or culture but in deconstructing the psychological defense mechanisms that are responsible for the acceptance of unhealthy cultural norms, the normalization of trauma, and the phenomena of inherited trauma. A big part of my artistic practice is dedicated to the broken relationship humans have with other species and thereby with nature.  Through my art, paintings, installations, and videos, I aspire to craft a profound and spiritual experience that is unbound by the constraints of any particular religion or dogma, but at the same time, I am using a lot of visual symbolism borrowed from various religions and spiritual practices. Drawing inspiration from the universal themes of human connection, wonder, and introspection, I seek to evoke a sense of what it means to be human today. My art is also deeply personal and introspective. I often feel that my memories are like a boneyard filled with symbols that have lost their original meanings. I feel like some old modernist painter fishing out those signifiers and combining them in new narratives that frequently surprise me as well. I don't like to offer too much of a script for any of my artworks since I strongly believe the meaning should come from the viewer’s imagination and the experiences they possess. I believe that artworks are like batteries; as artists create their works, they infuse them with their emotions and intentions to the extent that the artworks themselves become vessels, storing and carrying forth energy, emotions, and frequencies. To unlock this apparatus the viewer has to be tuned in, adjusting themselves to the specific mental state - only then can they charge themselves with those feelings.  In that way, my art is not so much about the meaning, but the feelings we all share…

Selected Works

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