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wanderers (2021) 

duration: 8' 24"


A film by Vojislav Radovanović

Music: “Song for the Wandering” by Joseph Carrillo

Puppeteer: Jason Jenn

Concept, Camera, Edit: Vojislav Radovanović

Flourish Projects Group 2021

The "wanderers" is an audio-video artwork by Vojislav Radovanovic in collaboration with composer Joseph Carrillo. This work is about grief and anxiety for the growing climate crisis and the sixth mass extinction-level event that our planet is currently experiencing due to human impact. The video tells the story of the two last surviving birds flying through a desolate landscape of a burned forest, as told by a human puppeteer (performed by Jason Jenn), suggesting that the action is taking place in a barren future where there is little other life in existence.

The use of some repetitive sequences is a reference to looped social media videos, a popular visual style we have grown accustomed to in this human-influenced Anthropocene era.

The footage was recorded few months after the wildfires in the area heavily affected by global climate change.   

This experimental video work was part of the Ambiental installation "BUREAU FOR UNSPOKEN STORIES" at El Camino College Art Gallery.

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