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Years Devoured by Locusts

Site-specific installation "Years Devoured by Locusts / Godine koje su pojeli Skakvci" is developed as part of the group exhibition "Memories of Tomorrow's Sunrise" at Ronald H. Silverman Gallery at Cal State LA curated by Jason Jenn, Vojislav Radovanovic and Mika Cho. 

Years Devoured by Locusts, 2022

10 X 6 X 6 feet

Mixed media, concrete, metal, wood, old television sets, broken mirror fragments, digital media, wasp nest, porcelain, plastic.

Artist's statement:


The title “The Years Devoured by Locusts” is borrowed from the Serbian author Borislav Pekic’s book, in which he examines human nature and the experience of imprisonment, positions of power and oppression, concepts of humanity and its stretched meanings within extreme ideologies, like communism. 

My work examines similar themes, examining time after ideological collapse and the trauma left behind. Trauma inherited through generations becomes a collective experience, tightly intertwined in our culture. Various unhealthy psychological mechanisms repeat themselves creating eternal cycles fueled by various frustrations, inequality, separation and isolation, ignorance, and unfair cultural and economical systems. My work addresses the anthropocentric nature of human perception and the price present and future generations of all species are paying as global climate change continues and rises.

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