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TRAVELER (2020) 

Production company: 

Flourish Projects Group

Music and Sound Design:

Joseph Carrillo


Jason Jenn and Vojislav Radovanović

Writing and Directing:

Vojislav Radovanović 

Duration: 18 minutes



“TRAVELER” is an 18-minute cinematic experience of the Great American West by Los Angeles and Serbian based visual artist and director Vojislav Radovanović. This non-narrative film is a poetic and meditative visual pilgrimage through scenic landscapes revealing the beauty, fragility, and power of nature as well as human influence on the ecosystem. 

A single character, played by Radovanović himself, walks through the various rural and urban paths acting as "the standard-bearer" carrying an emblematic flag featuring his original painting of imaginative weed plants. Serving as a deeper metaphor, the flag simultaneously represents Nature’s wild and untamed aspects which defies borders, and reflects humanity’s own migratory history and drive to claim and define territory. The solo journeyman from Eastern Europe becomes the latest immigrant settler in the New World. Rather than planting a flag as another mar upon the land as in the troubled history of Westward Expansion and manifest destiny’s quest to conquer, he champions a plant emblazoned flag to reclaim its natural sovereignty.


Cinematography by Jason Jenn and Vojislav Radovanović both pays homage to the long American painting tradition of portraying the landscapes of “the Wild West” as a limitless untouched nature waiting to be conquered, while recognizing the human failure of proper stewardship and its destructive colonization. Dreamlike footage unfolds in slow motion with an evocative and numinous gaze, utilizing black and white imagery paired with vintage cinema filters, which stylistically places production of the film in an unidentified time. 


“TRAVELER” was shot in the course of two years (2018-19) and completed in 2020 when American composer Joseph Carrillo created the original score, creating a unique emotional bond and synesthesia with the cinematography. Providing a complete sensory experience, the music continues along the traditions of environmental cinema such as famous works like KOYAANISQATSI and BARAKA.  


The film was shot at numerous locations between the West Coast and Midwest of the US: California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, New Mexico, Arizona.

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