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Ornithomancy is the ancient practice found in numerous cultures around the world of reading omens from the actions of birds.


A Solo Exhibition by Vojislav Radovanović

at Diana Berger Gallery

Curated by Jason Jenn


August 25 – September 29, 2022

Bits of whimsical starlit fantasy and magical realism are interspersed among the rubble of a bleak industrial wasteland in artist Vojislav Radovanović's solo exhibition, Ornithomancy, on view August 25 – September 29, 2022, at Mt. San Antonio College’s Diana Berger Art Gallery. The exhibition explores how knowledge of natural phenomena and life’s assorted mysteries are communicated indirectly through the observation of other species – in this exhibition, specifically birds – and the inherent fallibility of our limited perspective.

Gallery 1

Radovanović aims to open a mysterious dialogue into the direct influence of humans – both negative and positive – on natural cycles and the environment. He explores humans’ complicated relationships with other species, including the problematic and anthropocentric approach to our interactions with animals.


Gallery 2 / Projection Room

Radovanović creates new mythologies based on fragmented elements of historical narratives, reinterpreting these myths through altered memories and personal experiences as a Serbian immigrant to the United States. Birds have appeared in the artist's work throughout his oeuvre, frequently working as metaphors for the expression of freedom, concepts of borderless territory, human migration, and the communication of hidden knowledge.


Gallery 3

The works in Ornithomancy are from the artist's recent series of two-dimensional mixed-media work on paper, canvas, and wood, and several site-specific installations. Created all within the last year, the works of Ornithomancy are being publicly presented like this for the first time. There will be a special Curator & Artist Walkthrough on Thursday, September 8 at 1pm.


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