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Descent of the Holy Spirit


DESCENT OF THE HOLY SPIRIT / Broken Languages (2021)

This installation is presented as part of the "Sanctuary of the Aftermath" exhibition curated by Jason Jenn and Vojislav Radovanović at Angels Gate Cultural Center in San Pedro, CA.


Artist Statement:

The installation "Descent of the Holy Spirit / Broken Languages" consists of a ladder leaning on the gallery wall adorned by glass jars filled with recycled drawings of fire and a vintage cobbler's shoe mold stepping onto the ground. 


Ladder imagery has been used throughout history to symbolize the connection between heaven and earth and higher knowledge ascension. The vertically oriented Ladder represents the journey and our need for growth in our mental, spiritual, and social consciousness to face our era's issues. The glass jars are filled with drawings of fire - a direct reference to the devastating wildfires the planet has recently experienced and the tongues of fire that often accompany the arrival of the holy spirit. The shoe mold is a symbol of the new quest that everyone must join in step. 


My work often pulls from and quotes different religions as one uses a familiar language to tell stories that concern all of life. In this piece, I reference classical Christian concepts with the title and thematic elements, not for the common religious meaning, but to explore the need for an urgent reaction toward the ecological and environmental crises we face today. In personally addressing that goal,  all elements of this installation are created from reused and recycled objects. 

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