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Theory of Unity


Exhibition by Vojislav Radovanović

Salon 77, Gallery of Contemporary Art Niš, Serbia

May 2015

I was always fascinated with religious architecture. For me it's not really important how grandiose buildings are but how architecture can make you feel. I assume I just wanted to create the space for contemplation, space where visitors can connect with past, present and future. 


During Roman Empire in this place, in the city of Niš (birth town of Constantine the Great) there was a palace. When Constantin established Christianity as official religion Romans altered it into a basilica; then Ottomans came, demolished and rebuild from same bricks the new building, Bali Bay Mosque. More or less that's how building looks today. Then in 1977 Yugoslavian government established this space as Gallery of Contemporary Fine Art, today known as Salon 77.

With every change there was an attempt to undo the history, forget what was before and start from the beginning. 


That's what this exhibition is about.


Central installation:

Drawing 01 / Tree of life

Drawing 02 / Rabbit's dreams about great awakening of the human kind

Drawing 03 / Ruins of the Temple

Drawing 04 / Dormition of Joseph Beuys


Modular drawings on Walls:

Drawing 01 / Sacred geometry

Drawing 02 / Flower of life

Drawing 03 / High weed

Drawing 04 / Weed above the Temple

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