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Artist Statement

From my earliest childhood, Art has been my instinctual refuge and best defense mechanism.  Growing up in a  challenging family dynamics, and in the  backdrop of war, art became my lifeline; from the confines of my childhood room to the present day art is my safe place where I can navigate the complexities of life, process trauma, and unravel the layers of my thoughts while clarifying my intentions. For me, artistic practice is not just a means of self-expression; it is my therapy. 

In my creative process, I frequently delve into themes encompassing human nature and psychology, spirituality, healing, queer identity, decolonization, climate change, and cultural dynamism. A significant aspect of my artistic practice is dedicated to addressing the fractured relationship humans have with other species and, consequently, with nature. 

My art is deeply personal and introspective. I often feel that my memories are like a boneyard filled with symbols that have lost their original meanings. I feel like some old modernist painter fishing out those signifiers and combining them in new narratives that frequently surprise me as well. I don't like to offer a rigid script for any of my artworks, as I strongly believe that meaning should arise from the viewer's imagination and the unique experiences they bring to the encounter. Drawing inspiration from the universal themes of human connection, wonder, and introspection, I seek to evoke a sense of what it means to be human today.

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