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COUNT DOWN at El Camino College Art Gallery curated by Susanna Meiers

"wanderers", still from the video

All exhibiting artists:

Adrian Amjadi, Hilary Baker, Phoebe Barnum, Nancy Buchanan, Mary Clark-Camargo, Susan Davis, Lauren Evans, Satoe Fukushima, James Griffith, Gregg Hamby, WS Milner, Cynthia Minet, Lowell Nickel, Sarah Perry, Vojislav Radovanovic, Samuelle Richardson, Nancy W. Romero, Nancy Webber


El Camino College Art Gallery is proud to present Count Down, an exhibition addressing global concern regarding the increasing number of animal species threatened with imminent extinction. Due primarily to actions and practices of unwitting, uncaring or otherwise hungry and desperate human beings, vast numbers of species have already vanished or are on the verge of doing so. There are certainly plenty of arguments on both sides of the questions regarding the possibility of saving animal species versus the process of evolution and the rights of the individual. Please be invited to make your own choice as to whether you would like to be part of an attempt to rescue the animal kingdom and all that implies, in terms of balance of nature for the health of the planet or whether you prefer to observe the slaughter of elephants as threat to crops and for trophy hunting, whales for meat, tigers, cheetahs and jaguars as threat to livestock, and so on down the long list that descends to the microbial level of being. Take a look at the numerous revelatory films available on Netflix by British naturalist, Sir David Attenborough, including A Life on Our Planet. He, remarkably, is still able to declare that human beings are his favorite animals. In an astonishing gift of positivity, Attenborough offers, despite his vast knowledge of the harm that has already been done, the possibility for slowing or even reversing some of the damage. I, for one, hope that he is correct and will contribute in whatever way I can to this cause. Enough preaching… Eighteen artists currently residing in Southern California present passionate images in a wide variety of media including sculpture, painting, drawing, video, mixed media installation, digital media and photography, dealing with the progressive extinction of many species of animals. Each of these artists has written a statement about his/her particular works exhibited in Count Down that follows below. El Camino College Art Gallery expresses its deep regret that this moving exhibition cannot be seen in the physical gallery space and is limited to a website exhibition. Please be sure to look at the identification for each piece so that you are able to ascertain the actual size of the image. Thank you, Susanna Meiers, Curator


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