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The Arcade of Hypermodernity opens June 1, 2024 at Studio Channel Islands

The Arcade of Hypermodernity
Curated by Jason Jenn & Vojislav Radovanović Studio Channel Islands, Camarillo, CA
June  1 - July 27, 2024

The Arcade of Hypermodernity: Where Art, Technology, and Imagination Collide
Studio Channel Islands and L.A. Art Documents is thrilled to announce The Arcade of Hypermodernity, an immersive journey into the intersection of technology and imagination curated by Jason Jenn and Vojislav Radovanović. Set to transform the gallery space into a vibrant playground of ideas, this group art exhibition and special events from June 1 - July 27, 2024, invite visitors to explore realms of unadulterated enjoyment and profound socio-political reflection.

The Arcade of Hypermodernity proposes a multi-sensory experience where imaginations are set free amidst a backdrop of contemporary challenges and technological innovation. From the whimsical to the thought-provoking, this exhibition celebrates the endless possibilities unleashed by human creativity and artificial intelligence.


Curated as an homage to the varied ideas and concepts of arcades as both architectural wonders and pleasurable places of escapism through the ages, the exhibition blends high-tech and low-tech elements to create an atmosphere of nostalgia and futurism. Visitors can expect to encounter interactive installations, captivating video, augmented reality works, animatronics, and devices reminiscent of a bygone era.


More than mere visual spectacle - the exhibition serves as part of a larger series of curatorial projects exploring the connection between art and healing. This iteration focuses on playful encounters to challenge visitors to embrace new insights and perspectives on the ever-increasing pace of the world and the myriad technological advances around us. Visitors are invited to stop trying to keep up and just give in for a little game time with The Arcade of Hypermodernity.

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