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Robert Patrick In Memoriam

Robert Patrick O'Connor

(September 27, 1937 - April 23, 2023)

We lost a beloved friend and frequent collaborator, Robert Patrick aka Bob, on April 23, 2023. He was a pioneer of Off-Off Broadway Theatre, modern gay theatre, and in 1972 considered by publisher Samuel French "New York's Most-Produced Playwright". His connection to various theatrical circles around the world was legendary. In his later years, he moved to Los Angeles and became involved in numerous performing arts circles as a cabaret singer and poet. He was known for his unyielding creativity, curiosity, wit, charm, irascibility, prowess with words, and extensive knowledge of theatre, art, and history. His insights and interest in the arts were profound. He was particularly active on the world wide web and social media, living life to the fullest, always making plans, becoming friends with strangers, writing new poems and lyrics, and continuing to display his masterful talents up until his passing.

We were fortunate to have been blessed by his memory, and as dear friends and producers, his loss is immeasurable. Below is a sampling of photos and works with Robert we have collaborated on and/or documented - we hope you enjoy these memories of a monumental human.


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