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Performance artist Jason Jenn brings to vivid life the mercurial wit, wonder, whimsy, and wild words of James Broughton’s poetry onstage with his one man show. Broughton’s work speaks to us through Jason Jenn’s beguiling trickster charm, both devoutly spiritual and sexually liberated in delicious ways, with themes as relevant as ever in these modern times. The title comes from one of James Broughton’s famous mottos, “I believe in ecstasy for everyone!”

Originally created as a one-hour show in 2014 and performed in conjunction with the documentary film “Big Joy: The Adventures of James Brougthon”. It was commissioned by the Vashon Center for the Arts to expand into a 110-minute (with intermission) production for the Big Joy Weekend in Vashon, Washington on January 11, 2020.

Directed by Dr. Katherine Nigh / Art Direction by Vojislav Radovanović

The show included the weaving together of over 30 James Broughton poems into 5 short acts featuring costume changes and performance art interpretations. Occasional video excerpts from his art films were placed between and during acts. The main set piece was a wrought-iron bed (similar in style to the one in Broughton’s seminal counter-cultural film work 1968’s The Bed) and pillows stuffed with props related to the poetry that help transform the stage.

Photos by Peter Serko.


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