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MAYOR'S CHOICE AWARD for "Californian Weeds" in 33 MADE IN CALIFORNIA Exhibition at BREA Art Gallery

33rd Annual Made in California Juried Exhibition April 21 - June 15, 2018 Opening Reception: April 21 from 7 to 9 p.m. FREE Join us opening night for live music, light refreshments, and a chance to meet some of the artists! Even after 33 years, this annual exhibition is anything but traditional. Each spring the Brea Gallery invites contemporary artists with diverse skills, varying approaches, and unique ideas to help us paint a picture of what it means to be creative in California. This year’s show is made up of nearly ninety bold, provocative, inspiring, and just plain beautiful works of art. With everything from intricate pencil drawings, to powerful abstract portraits, to whimsical sculptures, and stunning photography, this exhibit has a bit of something for everyone.

Exhibiting Artists: Elise Acosta, Jennifer Anderson, A.S. Ashley, Jack Avetisyan, Emily Baker, Timothy Bakthy, Stef Bauer, A. Laura Brody, Maxwell Coppola, Dennis Dunton, Matthew Durante, Betsy Enzensberger, Scott Froschauer, Annette Goodfriend, Richard Greene, Dominoe Gregor, Cynthia Grilli, Tali Grinshpan, Mimi Haddon, Emily Elisa Halpern, Marina Illum, Naoto Ishikawa, Dennis Johnson, Ruth Joseph-Pike, Marli LaGrone, David Leib, Rita Yuhan Liu, Janet Lucroy, Barbara Malley, Ryah Massarweh, Jean McAlister, Diane McLeod, Lauren Mendelsohn-Bass, Rachelle Mendez, Paul Messink, Naomi Nadreau, Tommy Orosco, Steven Osterlund, Rollence Patugan, Lauren Porter, Vojislav Radovanovic, Hannah Reinhard, Jenifer Renzel, Juliana Rico, Roberto Romero, John Rosewall, Edward Saenz, Brian Scanlon, Sarupa Sidaarth, Kate Sikorski, J. Sloman, Linda Stelling, Arti Struyanskiy, Robert Tartter, Monica Tiulescu, Scott A. Trimble, Krista Tsukashima, Noriho Uriu, Mike Usher, Adon Valenziano, Iben G. Vestergaard, Devon Walz, Lynn Welker, Ingrid Wells, and Katie Wigglesworth.

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