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Curated by Kathy Gallegos

Featuring artists: Albert Esquer, Bobby Rojas, Gabrijel Hammond-Savic Ra, Ghazai Ghazi, Gloria Vasquez-Warner, Jessica Ceballos y Campbell, Kai Matussik, Manuel Figueroa, Margaret Garcia, Mario Hernandez/Wayne Healy, Martin Bustamante, Michel Breard, Narsiso Martinez, Nica Aquino, Paulina Celaya, Raoul De la Sota, Sergio Teran, Sheri Stoll, Simone Gad, Sue Welsh, Sulema Flow and Vojislav Radovanovic.


The Avenue 50 Studio is proud to present “Immigration 101,” an exhibit featuring works of art by 18 Los Angeles based artists, and 3 national/international artists.Immigration 101 features artists who speak out on why people immigrate. Our artists visually suggest that people immigrate for varied reasons. Some because of economics, lack of opportunities for their families, escape from a dangerous situation like war or violence. Some immigrate because of famine. Some because of natural disasters not driven by a war, but by a hurricane, earthquake or flooding. Our artists speak to the plight of the immigrant. Please join us for this important, topical exhibition.

Avenue 50 Studio 131 North Avenue 50 Los Angeles, CA 90042 323/258-1435

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