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LAUNCH LA, in partnership with Avenue 50 Studio presents "Seismic Shift - Confronting Catastrophe".

Catastrophes force us to confront how we live and to reflect upon our past and our future. The artists of Seismic Shift: Confronting Catastrophe respond to cataclysmic shifts due to natural or economic disasters, political policy, immigration, gentrification, and other occurrences by exploring how we process, critique, analyze or adapt to fundamental changes in our surroundings, beliefs or world views. This exhibition brings together a diverse group of artists from across California whose practices engage with destruction and processes of reconstruction.

Curated by MacKenzie Stevens, Curatorial Assistant, Hammer Museum, Los Angeles

Featured artists: E. Franco Aguilar, Sara Alavikia, Shula Singer Arbel, Nadege Monchera Baer, Rouzanna Berberian, Torrey Bridgman, Pam Douglas, Stanton Hunter, Christopher Johnsen, Colleen M. Kelly, Flora kao, June Kim, Pamela Markman, Lynne McDaniel, Patrick Quinn, Vojislav Radovanovic, Osceola Refetoff, Alison Stewart.

Opening Night Reception: Saturday, November 11, 2017, 7-10pm Exhibition runs November 11 through December 2, 2017

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