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Skytower Park Murals

Skytower Park Murals



Designing process and production of Two Public Murals at Skytower Park in Lancaster, California

Client: City of Lancaster, CA

Partners: Artists at Work, MOAH Lancaster, Art in Residence

Community Engagement and Art Direction: Vojislav Radovanović

The Night Time Mural on the south wall, 164 ft long

The Day Time Mural on the north wall, 148 ft long

Phase One

On March 12, 2022 we organized the First Community engaged artistic workshop in the Skytower Park in Lancaster, CA where we gathered community input about what future murals in the park area should look a lake. Approximately 60-65 neighbors took active participation in the  workshop creating drawings and collages. We also collected significant data trough the questionnaire forms where we asked participants to pick up specific words they resonate with the most, and they would recognize as values that future murals should represent. 

Few of the artworks made during the workshop

Following the first workshop I had regular meetings with the museum director, Andi Campognone and the curator, Robert Benitez from MOAH Lancaster. We used the artworks and the Word Cloud data gathered during the workshop and we finally came up with the concept of Day and Night murals, featuring favorite flora and fauna from Antelope Valley with the characteristic landscape with mountain range. During the next month and a half, I spent a lot of time in the studio, developing sketches and drawings that would resemble cartoonish and illustrative style.