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VernissageTV Studio Visit

I'm beyond excited to share this very special news – a captivating hour-long video by Heinrich Schmidt from VernissageTV.

Curious about my creative process and art space? Here's your chance to take a peek! During the filming, we delved into many topics, including my art process, the LA art scene, LA Art Documents, my partner Jason Jenn, collaborations with Robert Patrick Playwright, my gallerist Walter Maciel Gallery, upcoming curations, of course cats, and much more.

 With its base in Basel, VernissageTV is the No. 1 global video platform for showcasing contemporary art, and Heinrich's dedication to this cause is truly inspiring. I've admired his work for almost two decades now, and it's an honor to call him a friend. Grateful for this recognition and the support of the artistic community.

Thank you, Heinrich, for highlighting my art!

If you're not already familiar with his astonishing work, be sure to follow him and check out his amazing platform


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